Design and repair
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Advice for those who are doing repairs on their own

10th October 2012 | рубрика Bathroom design Refurbishing flats

A few tips for those who decided not to ordering the styling project and the services of a specialized evolution company. Planning a repair in an rooms? People who are not limited in the means, It is possible to refer to the service of a specialized repair and development company that will take complete the [...]

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Running repairs the toilet Step By Step

30th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

As you know, break – not to build, the soul does not hurt. Ax, hammer, saw, a little determination – and the old santehkabiny from which previously removed tub, sink, toilet, in front turns into a pile of debris. The rooms, which tend to enjoy standard aqueduct cabin flooring glued to the cement screed asphalt [...]

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Construction and rehabilitation; small bathroom interior

28th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

When choosing an inside small bathroom should consider much of aspects, but there are many pitfalls. In ordering not to break up on the rocks, we consider several examples of a small range of inside restroom. When a little capacity of vannoykomnaty pay attention to the lighting of the apartment. If the bathroom has no [...]

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Rehabilitation of the washroom in the Khrushchev

23rd September 2012 Refurbishing flats

Khrushchev, by far the 60-m steel, housing millions and while it solved the housing issue. But so in what year and at what rate these cottages were built affected their property and unfortunately not in a goodness way. Many still live in the Khrushchev, and are correctly aware of curved walls, ceilings, crumbling plaster, etc. [...]

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Renovation of bathroom and restroom

22nd September 2012 Refurbishing flats

Apartment overhaul, renovations restroom repair toilet or lavatory – is, of course, responsible action, which is not easy to do by mitt. For example, to create overhaul bathroom, you should first think approximately toilet styling, choose and purchase the necessary repairs to the washroom development substances, water conduit and tools for production work to overhaul [...]

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Move apartment renovation, you can change the placing of bathroom walls

13th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

Our exceptional offer – redecoration of apartments from 900 rubles per space meter. Meter Overhaul apartment more expensive than cosmetic tools repair as this repair is to replace completely the whole interior design rooms turnkey and of course however a result you get a capacity repairs flats. Major repair can be trusted only spice in [...]

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Planning a lavatory. Materials for Lavatory

13th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

Comfort in the five corners. Sophisticated model limits the restroom in its design. But there are no unsolvable problems, and this is another proof inside that statement. White furniture is selected however to be with the wall and all the bathroom together. So to organize a small space nth pentagonal apartment there to fit all [...]

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Aqueduct Lavatory

11th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

The most important and the most important of the toilet fittings to date still remains a bath. Huge selection of solutions in color and form to satisfy the most demanding consumers. If earlier the lavatory was some the third in importance and cost of renovation, but today it is almost the first put. Bathtubs cast [...]

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Inexpensive bathroom renovation

9th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

When finances sing romances, keep to do maintenance on their hand, not alone in living room, but also in the bathroom. It happens that the required funds for a good renovation is lacking, but to live in these circumstances, there is no strength. Let’s try to find ways to renovation the restroom in which It [...]

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